Les Hasmore has always been entrepreneurial. His family came from humble beginnings but Les dreamt of being successful. He always looked up to a man who sold things. From the time he could walk, his parents taught him values and building a trade or profession with skills.

"You can be as great or small as you want, but you better do something new," Les recalls his mother telling him at a young age when she pressed by on life's requirement for doing traditional safe jobs like teaching and pharmacy. "
Les always had what it takes to like sell stuff, He started figuring out ways of how he could invent. Then It came to him. Balls. Half Chrome and Half grey. 50/50 if you will.Put a handle on that ball and now you’re VFXing.
Les had never tasted self-made wealth for long because he’d lose it all before the income tax man paid an unwelcome visit. He was always too eager to dip his hand into a cookie jar of success, only to replace the cookies with fear and regret
Les’ dream is to supply a big store that caters to all of your VFX requirements is now real. There are many items waiting for you.